about me

Hello and welcome to my blog Admirably Vegan.

My name is Nina Haas and I originally come from Austria, more specifically from Tyrol.

Since October 2020 I am living in Berlin to study "Vegan Food Management". 

I am a trained seamstress but in the last few years I realized that my passion lies with healthy food and being creative in the kitchen.





Going vegan was one of the best decisions in my life. Not only did it help me find my passion in cooking but also I realized that the plant-based kitchen has so many faces I didn't know about.

When I decided to become vegan I was forced to deal with proper nutrition and so I began to explore a completely new version of nutrition I don't think I would have get to know if I didn't become vegan. Ever since I've started to feel happier, healthier and way more powerful. Also changing my diet had a very high impact on my mental health.

What is my blog about?

In my blog you can find healthy recipes - sweet and savory, although I am a little bit more one the sweet side because I obviously am in love with creating and eating sweet but healthy food. All of my recipes are refined sugar-free and mostly low-fat or oil-free. I focus on whole foods and try to involve whole grain flour as often as possible. 

My goal is to show people that healthy and delicious plant-based food is so much more than just salads and vegetables. On the contrary, for me a plant-based diet is the most varied nutrition I could imagine.