• Nina Haas

fresh soy milk

Especially high quality whole foods are really expensive and when you're a student or simply want to save some money you just can't afford buying all your food in a health food store. Selfmade soy milk not only is way cheaper than store bought ones - it is also super easy to make and so much more flavorful!

Furthermore YOU decide about all the ingredients in your milk which means you can avoid unnecessary additives.

All you will need is dried soy beans and water. Thats it.


100 g dried soy beans

• 1000 ml water


1. Soak the dried soy beans in water for at least 12 hours. When ready drain the water and rinse the beans throughly before continuing.

2. Bring 800ml of water to a boil. In the meanwhile put your rinsed soy beans in your food processor and process with 200ml of water until you have a thick paste.

3. Fill the soy bean paste in your pot and let simmer for 30 min.

4. Let cool completely, fill everything in a nut milk bag and strain your soy milk.

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR SOY BEAN REMAINS (=Okara)! You can use this in so many different meals. My all time favorite is to make vegan scrambled eggs. Just simply mix your okara with some milk to make it more smooth, Kala Namak, one teaspoon of tapioka starch and your favorite spices. Pan fry and serve with a slice of bread or just eat it with some of your favorite veggies.

You can also use your Okara to make vegan burgers or even to make a sweet breakfast "porridge".